Times have changed. Wether it's a matter of budget, or thanks to the technological advances, most people are more and more tempted by the opportunity of doing recording sessions at home, by themselves. As a matter of fact, what's simpler than buying one or more good preamps, a good sound card, and a software, to start numerising your greatest performances ?

But here's the problem : we're not all sound engineers ! Your productions will need a professional's ears and gear to get that « HUGE SOUND » !

Although the art of mixing and mastering require real skills and some experience, and cannot be substituted, sound recording and editing can definitely be done at home.

To do so, you need to seriously assimilate the fact that 80% of your album's final sound lies in your hands. You must keep in mind that no device or software will create, modify or erase a musician's groove and the way he plays.

Regarding sound recording, here are a few advices to help you not messing up and provide me « useable » tracks. (Advices intended for extreme metal prods. Contact me for more « classic » metal prods, or for any other musical genres).

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